Friday, October 10, 2014

London Tailors: What Makes a Man Truly Stylish? David Gandy Answers

Innately stylish men like Gandy believe that style has more to do with a man’s character than his wardrobe. For them, dressing well goes far beyond looking good in a coat and tie—it’s more about having a personal sense of style that fits whatever context one is in at a given point in time. So whatever the occasion calls for, embrace it. Listen to your inner character and let it guide your choice of garments. David says that a stylish man can have an entire outfit “made up of non-designer clothes, and he will still look sharper than a guy wearing an outfit five times the price if he has his own well defined sense of style.” This is an effective frame of mind to be in when you’re talking to London tailors about providing you with a bespoke suit.

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