Thursday, October 16, 2014

Of London Tailored Suits and Shirts: Some Sharp-Dressing Tips for Men

Focus on the fit – The local tailor is a friend, and dress shops, such as Hidalgo Brothers, which offers neat tailored suits in London are wardrobe havens. It won’t matter if a suit is the finest one in the world if it doesn’t even fit. Shirts must never puff out at the waist, while pants should never really require a belt (though a belt is a vital aesthetic touch) and should be a “slim-straight” fit. Complement colours – Quirky colour combinations are reserved for eccentric people. Harmonized hues must be central in any man’s wardrobe—they must complement, but do not necessarily need to match. To illustrate, a bad selection would be a red suit-green pants combination, which essentially makes a man look like a walking Christmas decoration.

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